Tasty and a good time!


We offer Delta-8 THC in our Kansas City, Missouri store in a number of forms including edibles.

Everyone has their personal favorites when it comes to edibles but our best selling edibles are consistently our gummies. They are the most affordable Delta 8 THC product available at our KC, MO store and starting at 150mg in our Treetop brand gummies, they really pack a punch.

Availability of other options vary but common forms of Delta-8 THC edibles include brownies, cookies, lollipops, honey, candies, drinks, shots, teas, capsules, chocolate candy bars, and dried fruit.

Edibles are generally the slowest delivery method for Delta 8 THC in terms of the onset of the effects. When used on an empty stomach it commonly takes an hour to an hour & a half for effects to be clearly noticable and you tend  "peak" after a couple of hours. The full experience commonly lasts 4-5 hours but we recommend that you do not drive or operate heavy machinery for at least 8 hours.

So, given the slow onset of effects for edible Detla-8 THC products, why would one choose this delivery method? Edibles tend to provide a milder experience spread out over a longer period of time. This type of experience can be more manageable and enjoyable for many users .