The Most Delta-8 THC Bang on the Market


The Delta-8 THC dabs (aka wax) and distillates that we offer at our Kansas City, Missouri store come in a 1ml size and are the most concentrated options available.

Dabs and distillates are the most concentrated form of Delta-8 THC. They can be used in manual or electric dab rigs, added to warm beverages, used to cook your own Delta 8 THC edibles, or even added to a CBD hemp flower joint.

The strongest option is our distillate syringe made by 3Chi which contains 973mg of Delta 8 THC in just 1ml! It comes in a luer syringe and includes a blunt tip for easy use.

The Delta-8 THC dabs (aka wax) and distillates offered at our KC, MO store do not contain any PG, PPG, VG, MCT, Coconut Oil, or fillers of any kind.

Distillates are our purest and strongest Delta 8 THC products but the intensity of their effects, onset time, and length of effects will vary depending on how you choose to use them. If used in a dab or wax device or otherwise smoked, they will be fast acting, intense, and last a coupe of hours. If used for baking or in other ingestable, edible options on an empty stomach then the onset will often take an hour to an hour & a half, will be less intense, but will also last several hours. Regardless which method you choose, we recommend that you do not drive or operate heavy machinery for at least 8 hours.

Distillates are ideal for people who like options. There are literally dozens of options of how to use distillates and a single syringe will provide a variety of options ranging from fast acting & shorter lived to a slower onset, longer lasting experience.